Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park

A redwood park on high coastal bluffs

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Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park from Enderts Beach Road

This park features a grove of huge redwoods perched on a steep hillside above the Pacific Ocean. Unlike every other major redwood park, where the biggest trees are found at the lowest elevations, here the biggest trees are found at the top of a west-facing hill that perfectly catches the summer fog streaming off the ocean, keeping the trees well-watered.

With its huge redwoods, fog, and an abundance of rhododendrons, the park is one of the best places to photograph redwoods.

As a hiking destination, though, Del Norte Coast Redwoods is a little disappointing: it only has two old-growth trails, and Highway 101 runs right through the narrow ridgetop strip where the largest and most scenic redwoods are found. As a result, the park’s most photogenic scenes are usually accompanied by the roar of trucks.

There’s no main entrance, no visitor center, and like most of Redwood National and State Parks, no entrance fee.

The Coastal Trail near the Damnation Creek Trail

Old-growth redwood trails


Damnation Creek Trail

Length 4.0 mi · Climbing 1170 ft

The park’s most scenic trail descends through old-growth redwoods from Highway 101 to a small rocky beach.


Coastal Trail, Last Chance section

Length 13.0 mi · Climbing 2810 ft

Follows an old alignment of Highway 101 through mixed-species woodland on high coastal bluffs, then turns inland and runs through old-growth redwoods. No views after the first half-mile.


Coastal Trail, DeMartin section

Length 12.6 mi · Climbing 2370 ft

This enjoyable hike starts in attractive mixed-species woodland and climbs into old-growth redwoods. One of the most enjoyable sections of the Coastal Trail.

Other trails


Coastal Trail, Klamath section

Length 7.8 mi · Climbing 1390 ft

Runs along steep, spruce-covered bluffs high above the ocean, with no roads or other development in sight. There are no redwoods, but the last half-mile has some great ocean views.


Enderts Beach

Length 1.5 mi · Climbing 200 ft

A short, popular walk along the bluffs to an isolated beach with tidepools. Sometimes closed due to landslides.

Hobbs Wall and Saddler Skyline

Length 7.0 mi · Climbing 1260 ft

A loop through second-growth redwoods on a steep hillside above the Mill Creek Campground.

Yurok Loop

Length 1.2 mi · Climbing 100 ft

A short loop with some nice ocean views that starts from a rest stop alongside Highway 101.

Drive-in campgrounds


Mill Creek Campground

May–Sep · $35/night + $8

A relatively new campground that’s somewhat out of the way, but feels less congested than the more centrally located campgrounds.


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