Chandler Grove

Length 0.4 mi · Climbing 70 ft
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Chandler Grove


Chandler Grove is a small hillside redwood grove on the northern Avenue of the Giants. A short loop trail circles through the grove. The grove has a good-sized parking area, so it’s easy to see from the road and a lot of people stop here.

Most of the grove is on a level “bench” elevated a few yards above the Eel River water table; typically for such elevated locations, the relative lack of water means there aren't any big trees. Nonetheless, the grove appears to be unlogged and has a lot of small redwoods growing among ferns and redwood sorrel. An unofficial side trail descends to a little glen next to the Avenue of the Giants, where a creek runs through an attractive collection of largeer redwoods.

Just across the Avenue, the High Rock Trail is much more spectacular, but it hardly gets any visitors because it’s not visible from the road.

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Part of the Trail Map of Humboldt Redwoods State Park (Redwood Hikes Press, 2022)

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A short loop trail runs through the grove. The redwoods are noticeably smaller on the higher portion of the loop, and at one point almost disappear completely. At the southernmost end of the loop, look for a hard-to-see trail that leads down into a little canyon. This is by far the most scenic part of the grove.

Chandler Grove

Chandler Grove

An unofficial trail descends into a little glen next to Chandler Grove


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