Mailliard Redwoods State Natural Reserve

California > Mendocino/Sonoma region

Fish Ranch Road, Mailliard Redwoods State Natural Reserve

Here’s the park’s location in Google Maps and Google Street View. It’s about a 10-minute drive from Highway 128.

Just south of the Anderson Valley, in the hills a few miles from Highway 128, little-used Fish Ranch Road passes through a glen with a burbling brook and a small old-growth redwood grove. The road, unfortunately, goes right through the middle of the grove, ruining the reserve’s main attraction, and there really isn’t anything else to see. The sole facility is a single picnic bench by the side of the road; there aren’t any trails except for a very short path down to the creek.

Nontheless, the shady grove is quite attractive. Although it’s in a narrow canyon, it has an upland appearance, with mid-sized redwoods and a dense tanoak understory. The grove doesn’t have any huge trees, but the redwoods are surprisingly dense and a few of them are pretty big given how few other redwoods grow in the area.

Mailliard Redwoods State Natural Reserve

The creek in Mailliard Redwoods State Natural Reserve


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