Siskiyou National Forest

and Loeb State Park


The River View Trail connects Loeb State Park with the Redwood Nature Trail

The Coast Redwood range doesn’t quite end at the California border. A few isolated patches of redwoods grow in the Siskiyou National Forest in Oregon, with the northernmost redwoods being about eight miles north of the border. Two short trails explore these groves.

Loeb State Park

Loeb State Park is located on the banks of the Chetco River within Siskiyou National Forest. This tiny park is a very popular spot for picnics, camping, and swimming. Located 8 miles inland from Highway 101, it’s often warm and sunny while the coast is cold and foggy. The park is right off North Bank Chetco Road; since this road is little-used, the park is mostly free of traffic noise. From its picnic area, the pleasant but unspectacular River View Trail parallels the road (on an embankment below the road and above the river), leading 0.75 mile to the world’s northernmost redwood grove.

The park was created to save a grove of myrtlewood trees, and in the campground area you may occasionally get a whiff of the strong, menthol-like odor of the myrtlewood leaves.

Typically for this region, the Chetco is wide and shallow (probably due to logging activity) with a gravel bottom. The river is a popular salmon-fishing location.

Old-growth redwood hikes

*** Redwood Nature Trail (1.1 miles)
A trail through the world’s northernmost redwood grove, a short stroll from the popular campground at Loeb State Park.

* Oregon Redwoods Trail (1.7 miles)
An upland redwoods trail just north of the California border. Most of the redwoods here are very small.

Drive-in campgrounds

**** Alfred A. Loeb Campground ($24/night, open all year)
]Loeb State Park has a very nice campground on the banks of the Chetco River. It’s mainly an RV campground, but there are four tent sites and three wooden cabins. Except for the cabins there are no reservations.



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