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The north site at 44 Camp
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44 Camp is a backcountry camp on a heavily-logged hillside across from the Tall Trees Grove. In stark contrast with the pristine woodland on the opposing hillside, huge stumps surround the camp and the dense second growth makes the area dark and gloomy. Despite the unattractive location, though, there’s usually at least one group staying here on summer weekends.

The camp is near the Orick Horse Trails and used to be a horse camp, but now only backpackers are allowed.

Officially there are four campsites, but there are only three fire rings, so two sites are usually combined to make a single large site.

The north site

There are two bear boxes for the camp. Picnic tables and fire rings are provided. A little ways downhill, on the main trail, is an outhouse that’s been out of commission for years; you’re supposed to pack out your waste. There aren't any trash cans either.

The outhouse is boarded up

No water is available at the camp or nearby. Redwood Creek may be contaminated with blue-green algae toxins and shouldn't be used for drinking water.

Map of 44 Camp


The camp is about a two and a half mile hike from the Tall Trees trailhead. Getting to the camp this way requires crossing Redwood Creek, which is only possible when the creek is low, usually in the summer and early fall.

The camp is free, but you have to get a permit online between 2 and 28 days before your stay. If you want to start at the Tall Trees trailhead, you also have to get a Tall Trees permit.

The middle site


The south site


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