Ohlone Wilderness

First edition, 2021

Downloadable version for mobile devices

A 26 x 39 inch zoomable and pannable image with a blue dot that shows your current position. Tracks can be recorded.

Mobile version · $3.99

Requires the free Avenza Maps app for iOS or Android

This detailed topographic map covers the hills above Fremont, including Mission Peak Regional Preserve, Ed R. Levin County Park, Sunol Regional Wilderness, and Ohlone Regional Wilderness. It includes the entire Ohlone Wilderness Regional Trail.

In addition to official hiking trails, most roads are shown and labeled. Unofficial trails and dirt roads are shown and are greyed out to distinguish them from official hiking trails. Wooded areas are indicated in green and developed areas in grey. 40 foot contour lines are shown, and trail distances are marked. Footbridges, scenic views, steps, intersection numbers, and memorial markers are shown.

The map was drawn at a scale of 1:25,000 and a size of 39 x 26 inches.

This map is only available as a digital download for Avenza Maps; it’s not available in printed form.