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4-day itinerary from San Francisco

4 days is about the right amount of time for a trip to the redwoods. If coming from out of state, days 1 and 4 can either be skipped or combined into a Humboldt Redwoods day.

Day 1: Humboldt Redwoods State Park

On the way to Redwood National and State Parks, drive Humboldt Redwoods’ famous Avenue of the Giants and stop at one or more of its roadside groves.


Grieg-French-Bell Grove

Length 0.6 mi · Climbing 10 ft

A network of unofficial trails in an extraordinarily plush carpet of redwood sorrel. One of the highlights of Humboldt Redwoods.

Day 2: Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park


Miners’ Ridge and James Irvine

Length 12.1 mi · Climbing 1350 ft

The best all-day redwood hike, with spectacular redwood forest, the wild and scenic Gold Bluffs Beach, and a fern-covered slot canyon.

If 12 miles is too long, try the West Ridge and Prairie Creek Trail instead; it actually has better redwoods, but there’s a little traffic noise.

Day 3: Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

Drive scenic Howland Hill Road and visit one or more of its redwood groves.


Boy Scout Tree Trail

Length 5.3 mi · Climbing 750 ft

An extraordinary out-and-back hike through a showcase of the world’s best redwood scenery.


Grove of Titans

Length 1.7 mi · Climbing 200 ft

A very scenic grove with some of the world’s largest known redwoods by volume.


Stout Grove

Length 0.6 mi · Climbing 40 ft

This small grove by the side of the Smith River is the most scenic stand of redwoods. Gets somewhat crowded on summer weekends.

Day 4: Humboldt Redwoods State Park

On the way back, drive narrow, bumpy Mattole Road through Bull Creek Flats and visit one or more of its magnificent groves.


Big Trees Area

Length 0.6 mi · Climbing 10 ft

A large alluvial-flat grove with huge trees and a remarkably expansive appearance, relatively unspoiled by roads or traffic noise.


Rockefeller Loop

Length 0.7 mi · Climbing 20 ft

A loop through a very dense, cathdedral-like stand of big lowland redwoods next to Bull Creek.

View from Ted’s Ridge, Trees of Mystery


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